Aromatherapy massage is safe during all stages of pregnancy and can benefit both mother and baby. During the second and third trimester clients are massaged in a side- lying position and supported with pillows to ensure comfort and relaxation.

Ines is experienced in pregnancy and post natal massage and holds a qualification in Advanced Aromatherapy Massage for Pregnancy and Postnatal care. Her keen interest in gynaecological and reproductive health as well as her extensive knowledge on essential oils will offer you and your baby a nurturing, relaxing and comforting experience.

As a therapist Ines has supported many women through their pregnancies and offers women guidance through pregnancy and labour as well as post partum. Ines offers 1 2 1 tuition for pregnant women and their birth partners on how to support women with Aromatherapy massage during labour. Workshops include full sets of notes and a bespoke labour massage oil blend.

Research has shown that aromatherapy massage during pregnancy can alleviate anxiety, leg and back pain, improve sleep and mood.

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